Hogmany Edinburgh

There is ony one place to be at New year and that is in the City of Edinbugh, taking part in the New year Festivities. Alas as I understand the Street Party tickets on the 31st December have now been sold out. It looks like a black market job if you want one. But there is much more going on right up to the 3rd January. You can find out what is on here. Keep in mind if you are from a warmer clime. It can get very cold in Edinburgh, so dress for the occassion and beware of effects of the demon drink. It will not be in sparse supply

Getting About

Edinburgh of course is a thriving vibrant city all the year round. It has events going on all the year. It has a transport system that is second to none in the world. For a more detailed instruction on how to get about, go to the transport page. That can be found in the column on the left. For a general guide as to what is happening in Edinburgh and the Lothians, click here.

Queensferry Crossing

The third bridge crossing the River Forth just outside Edinburgh is now completed and it is included in this website and I have    investigated the nitty gritty of how and why it was built. It is now up and running and well worth a visit There is no other place in the world where 3 major bridges cross one river so close.It is some magnificent structure. It has just occurred to me. The three bridges have been constructed in the last three seperate centuries.

Other Venues

The population of Edinburgh is in the region of around 250,000 and is considered a fairly large city. However during the summer, and particularly at festival time. That population can swell to around a million. That takes some exercise in the business of supplying entertainment, to satisfy the holiday feel. Below is a link to some of those venues. Beware. Some of the content in the information of the entertainment supplied at those venues may not suit your taste. You can access the link here. The link includeds the abilty to purchase a ticket. As stated elsewhere. Some of the enertainment in those links may not be suitable as a family venue. But in this link here. If you surf through you will find good family entertainment that is not in general, advertised elsewhere. The choice as they say, is yours.

Shopping Centres

Edinburgh and the Lothians are awash with shopping centres. Most contain the main super market leader's such as Tesco, Morrisison's so on and so forth. Bang in the middle of the city, right at the bus and train station is one of Edinburgh's main tourist attractions. It is called Princes Street. Around one mile long. Without doubt it is in a class of it's own. Home to Debenhams, House of Fraser, Primark, Curry and PC World and much much more. With a view of Edinburgh Castle, the Scott Monument and the world famous gardens. You can find out more by clicking here

Latest Update - October 2021

Following the outbreak of Corona Virus below are links to advice from the Scottish Government. These are now in force as from October 2021. Keep in mind.Vaccine passports at major venues, to gain access, will be required in Scotland. Basically this will be the proof of two jags, jabs, shots or whatever your dialect describes a Covid 19 vaccine injected into your arm.

Below is a link of what is on in Edinburgh from the month of October 2021. If you are outwith this area.Simply do a google search of the area you are in. Many are ongoing events ranging from galadays to musical festivals

Hogmany 2021 - Now on

After the iconic New Year's Eve celebrations were cancelled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been announced that Edinburgh is hosting Hogmanay again to welcome in 2022. However. Under present pandemic fluid situations. There is always a however. It goes with the caveat that a limit will be put on tickets. The main event will be 30,000 tickets. The four day festival will last from December 29 until January 1, and will include activities such as the Torchlight Procession, Party at the Bells, and a full Scottish music programme. Full detail in the link below.

Castle Of Light